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Server & Website Maintenance Contract

Heritagem Server & Website Maintenance Contract

Heritagem is a family business established in the 1960’s in Paris France; in London since 2004 and opened a shop in Nice on the French Riviera in 2011. Heritagem specialise in period French jewellery, with a particular focus on signed pieces from the Art Deco era to the 1970s. Heritagem stunning diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald engagement rings are of varied designs and originate from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. Heritagem jewels are set with precious and semi-precious stones in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Lapada and Cinoa Member, Member of Syndicate of French jeweller, expert in Gemmology, all our items come with either a gemological report or a jewellery report with circa and all useful information.

They signed up to one of my Server & Website Maintenance Contract packages because it gives them peace of mind. I ensure that their server does not have any real down time and that the website performs at its best all the time. All functionalities and plug-ins are regularly updated and their cyber security is always on point.

The Server & Website Maintenance plan is great for making sure that the website does not usually experience glitches, failures or down time. They also have allowance for ad-hoc development, fixes and consultancy.





Support and Maintenance

From backups, updates, upgrades, bug fixing to custom functionalities, I will help you to keep your online presence always running.

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