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Freelance WordPress Developer


Project description

Tackling Loneness Hub has been by far one of the more complex and most challenging projects that I have been involved with.

The Hub is a tool built on the request of the Department for Digital, Cultural, Media and & Sports (DCMS), in partnership with What Works Wellbeing Centre and Campaign to End Loneliness. It consists of a social network built purposefully for Government officials and staff, professional bodies, charities and workers tackling the issue of loneliness and mental health in the UK.

It was a tremendous responsibility to be the main lead working for the Government designing, building and launching this full social media type of framework providing a space for sharing of ideas and resources, for debating and for providing mutual support.

Some of the main challenges were related to liaising efficiently with various bodies that work in very complex ways and have specific procedures for employing developers and for approving suggested changes. I was required to produce detailed documentation describing all the functionalities of the project, as well as any potential weak points and suggest ways in which DCMS’s proposed ideas could potentially be adapted to minimise vulnerabilities and make it as easy to use as possible. It was s complex project to built but had to appear simple to use.

Basically I was responsible for creating a Facebook-type of network specifically designed as a tool for Wellbeing and mental health professionals, charities, Government officials and staff.

I was also responsible for setting up and maintaining the servers according to DCMS/Government standards.

The work for the Tackling Loneliness Hub was very intensive involving continuous need to keep DCM, What Works Wellbeing and Campaign to End Loneliness up to date on progress:

– It involved following very comprehensive standards of work preparation and presentation

-It required the production of specific detailed documentation related to the framework of the website

– The Hub’s development and build was thoroughly tested by the DCMS and independent bodies to ensure high level of accessibility, excellent user experience and top level security.







Tackling Loneliness Hub



  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Custom WordPress plugins

Server setup:

  • Google Cloud Server
  • Ubuntu 20
  • Nginx
  • MariaDB
  • PHP7.4
  • SSL
  • UFW
  • Fail2Ban