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Freelance WordPress Developer


Search Engine Optimisation


More than 90% of the people nowadays are using search engines like Google to find the products and services they want to buy or to see. You most probably looking for an SEO service in London and searched for London SEO services , or something similar, in order to get to this website page. Therefore if you are selling products or services online, it is important that your website ranks high up in the search results.

My approach to search marketing is anything but one dimensional. No two client strategies for me are the same. But the premise is simple: I use a wide range of data and know-how to create the best possible user experience on your website. Then I create interesting, newsworthy, sharable content and embark on a targeted online PR campaign to generate great links and online exposure.

This process is crucial for industry-leading onsite optimisation and numbers-driven research. If necessary, I will back this up and tie in a brand-focused social media marketing campaign. Because I adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines my clients can rest easy knowing that their results are sustainable and that every pound spent is an investment for the present and the future.

I have an analytical approach to my work. My objectives and strategies are built upon hard data so that I am able to create the most efficient, results-oriented campaigns possible. And my clients are consulted every step of the way, with their long-term return on investment always the first and last things on my mind.

What an average campaign looks like

Each search landscape differs greatly from the next, plus every client has a different budget and a different vision. No two campaigns are the same. Strategies can differ, slightly or substantially. Nonetheless, most campaigns adhere to a generalised model, as follows:

The first few months will focus on campaign research, strategy, planning and onsite optimisation.

1: Consult with client

I will consult with the client to get a thorough understanding of the business; its products or services, target demographic, any previous or current strategies, vision for the future, current branding etc. I will also undertake a full review of the issues surrounding the website and the business’s key marketing objectives for the year ahead.

2: Competitor research

Search Engine Optimisation is a transparent science. This means that I can look at any website and work out why it ranks higher or lower than another site targeting the same set of keywords. I will research your direct competitors and identify who currently occupies your target search landscape, and working out what they have done to get there.

3: Website audit

I will perform a comprehensive website audit to identify issues and seek areas for enhancement.

4: Keyword research

I will use the data gained through the first four stages, as well as statistics including traffic volume, search intent and relevancy to draw up a list of keywords.

5: Information architecture and user experience (UX) review

I will review the web site’s information architecture, conversion rates and UX, and explore possible enhancements.

6: Onsite optimisation
Based on the outcome of the first six stages, I will be in a position to plan and implement onsite optimisation, which potentially includes (but is not limited to):

  • Meta data optimisation.
  • Internal anchor text optimisation.
  • Canonical tags (checking, implementing or removing).
  • Sensible implementation of robots.txt.
  • Implementation of 301 redirects.
  • Correction of 404 errors.
  • Sitemap optimisation.
  • Correction of front end errors flagged up in Search Console such as mobile compatibility issues or slow loading times.
  • Site speed, page speed & load time optimisation.
  • HTTPS / HTTP/2.0 recommendations.
  • Caching, compression & CDN issues.
  • Site architecture & hierarchy.
  • Mobile SEO optimisation.
  • On page content & duplicate content issues.
  • Structured data & schema mark up.
  • Extensive keyword research & optimisation of all pages.

7: External backlink analysis

I will analyse your website’s backlinks list with main purpose of identifying spam/malicious links. All spam links discovered will be disavowed. Accordingly, with the Penguin 4.0 update, Google now ignores some spam links, simply taking away any ranking factors that it might have offered without necessarily penalising it.

8: Internal link analysis

I will undertake a review of the website’s internal linking structure, to ensure that link juice is distributed to the priority pages.

9: Structured data/schema markup

I will implement structured data and/or schema markup throughout the website. This includes review schema, local business schema and service schema, product schema, breadcrumb and more if applicable.

10: Google Search Console and Google Business listing
The Google Search Console tools and reports help us to measure the site’s Search traffic and performance also allows us to identify and fix issues. I will assist with the Google Search Console tools setup and Google Business listing.

11: Ongoing analytical review

My analytical review will guide my use of Google Tag Manager and other forms of event tracking and user-flow monitoring to improve a website’s ability to convert visitors into enquirers and/or customers.

Find out more about my SEO services get in touch. Or if you’d like to see some case studies first, I’d be happy to share some with you.